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Jack is the real deal. His decades of experience and dozens of jury trials showed. He understands serious matters require a seasoned trial attorney.


Bad nursing care in the hospital left my husband a paraplegic. We did not know what to do. Someone recommended Jack and he took care of us. The money he got for us allowed us to get a new car, modify our house and get the care my husband needed. Jack is a caring and compassionate lawyer who gets things done.

Shirley G. – Conroe

The nursing home I was in after my accident was terrible. I got bed sores and they ended up cutting off both of my legs because of the infection from the sores. Jack helped me win my case and get the money I needed to take care of myself.

Josh M. – Austin

I hired Jack to deal with a nursing home case involving my grandmother and cannot say enough about his professionalism and service. Not only was he able to provide an invaluable wealth of information, he was able to handle the the delicate subject matter and provide my family with comfort and closure, something I will forever be in his debt for.

Kyle S. – Austin

I got hit on my motorcycle by a driver not paying attention. I spent more than a month in ICU. My medical bills were huge. Jack won my case and got my bills paid and money to get my life back together. Jack is great.

Keith L. – Taylor

When I put my mom in the nursing home I trusted them to take care of her. The care was so bad my mom got terrible infections and died. I was so mad. Jack took our case and held them accountable for what they did to my mom. I would recommend Jack to anyone.

Ruby J. – Waco

My mother received terrible care in the nursing home. Her bed sores were so big that it finally killed her. My family hired Jack and he took the case to trial and won. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone who needs a tough lawyer.

Dorothy H. – Bastrop

Our father died needlessly in a nursing home in Waco because of nursing home abuse. Jack took our case, stayed in touch with us, and, when the case did not settle, he took it to trial and won! Jack is the real deal. His decades of experience and dozens of jury trials showed. He commanded the courtroom, made the Defendant’s expert look silly and made a closing argument that sealed the case in our favor. Jack’s office was always courteous, professional, responsive and informative. If you have a serious nursing home abuse or negligence case, this law firm is the best. Really, if you have any kind of serious case involving an injury or death, this law firm would be fantastic. Great job, guys!

Greg BProud Client


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