Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse is Rampant in Texas.


Nursing home abuse is rampant in Texas. Many studies show that Texas has the worst nursing home care in the country. To make things worse the Texas Legislature and governors have repeatedly given these national corporations needless protection and free passes.

Nursing home abuse takes many forms. Bed sores are a common sign of neglect. Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are caused by leaving patients in the same position for hours and even days. Bed sores can lead to serious infection and even death. If you believe your loved one suffers from needless bed sores we can help you understand how the nursing home failed your loved one.

Nursing home abuse can also lead to serious dehydration and malnutrition. Failing to properly feed and provide fluids to nursing home residents is all too common. Malnutrition and dehydration can cause patients to decline, the development of bed sores, avoidable infections, organ damage and death. Feeding tubes, often important for some nursing home residents, are often improperly maintained and flushed in nursing homes.

Physical abuse, including sexual assault, is a frequent problem in Texas nursing homes. Our most vulnerable seniors can fall victim to predators working in the nursing homes who beat and even rape nursing home residents. The number of rape cases reported in nursing homes is significant. This type of nursing home abuse is preventable with proper attention to our seniors.

Falls and drops leave our nursing home residents with serious injuries such as broken hips and brain injuries. Proper training of nursing home staff and proper staffing of nursing homes can help prevent these injuries.

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Possible Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect


    • Unexplained bruises or marks

    • Poor hygiene and unkempt appearance. Not dressed properly in a too cold or too hot room.

    • Unexplained change in appetite or sleep pattern. Unexplained weight loss.

    • Dehydration and malnutrition.

    • Sudden difficulty communicating or inability to speak at all.

    • Fearfulness, confusion, agitation. Withdrawal from family and friends.

What to do if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect


It is required by law for nursing home management to answer to any concerns you may have about their care of your family member or loved one.  Ask about the situation and make note of their answers.

If you suspect that abuse is happening, document and photograph all symptoms  and events you are seeing. Note times and dates, and write down any communications you have had with staff about this, but also about other concerns you have brought up in the past.

Consider calling 911 – always do in a life threatening situation.

If you are unsure whether a loved one has been abused, for example in cases of dementia where the senior cannot express themselves, you can contact the Texas Long-Term Care Ombudsman program or Adult Protective Services (APS) for guidance to ensure this is not happening.

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