Catastrophic Personal Injury

Car Accidents, Dog Bites,
Workplace Accidents,
Motorcycle Accidents

18-wheeler accidents, industrial and workplace accidents, motorcycle wrecks, and serious dog attacks, maim and kill many Americans every year.

18-wheeler trucks can wreak havoc and cause serious injuries when they run into a car or smaller truck. 18-wheelers take far longer to stop than a passenger car yet all too often we see them speeding on our roads and highways.

Workplace accidents, wherever they take place, injure many Americans every year. Collapsed oil rigs, dangerous fires, serious chemical exposures can all lead to catastrophic injury and death. When you can no longer work or when the families wage earner is killed, call us we can help.

 When the Defendants in a medical malpractice case in a conservative Texas county offered only $500,000, Jack Modesett took the case to trial and won a jury verdict of $4.2 million.


Motorcycles have the right to be on Texas roads and highways. All too often careless or impaired drivers collide with motorcycles leading to serious injuries and death. If you, or a loved one, is involved in a serious motorcycle wreck call Jack Modesett Law for a free consultation.

Dog attacks are no joke. Serious injuries and even death regularly occur in this country because of dog bites. Pet owners have a responsibility to monitor and control their pets. If you have questions about a serious dog bite, call us, we can help.

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What to do if injured at work:

  • If you’re injured and require emergency medical care, call 911. If your injury doesn’t warrant emergency care, then can call your doctor instead of waiting for an emergency room. It is important to see a medical professional if there is any suspected injury.
  • Contact your employer so they know what happened and can begin any sort of investigation or disciplinary proceedings, if necessary.
  • Document what happened with video and pictures to provide as evidence for the legal case on hand.
  • Get copies of any and all medical records related to the injury.
  • Keep receipts for any expenses incurred relating to the treatment of injuries sustained at work – medication, therapy sessions, acupuncture, etc., as well as receipts for any property damage or lost wages that resulted from injuries sustained on the job – if they are not compensated by their employer or insurance company in some way.
  • Retain all pay stubs and other documentation of lost wages or property damage until they have received compensation for expenses incurred in relation to their injury at work; this will help them get reimbursed

Motorcycle Accidents

If you’ve been hurt or a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, we’re here to help. We understand the pain and the suffering that you’re going through all too often on the roads. Motorcycles don’t get the respect that they deserve. If you’ve been a victim of a big truck or a careless driver, if you’re suffering, if your loved one has died, call us. We’re here to help.

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I got hit on my motorcycle by a driver not paying attention. I spent more than a month in ICU. My medical bills were huge.

Jack won my case and got my bills paid and money to get my life back together.  Jack is great.

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