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Jack Modesett is a board-certified trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience with a depth and breadth of experience in the courtroom that sets him apart.

Whether handling a complex, nursing home abuse. a medical malpractice lawsuit or wrongful death litigation, Jack understands serious matters require a seasoned trial attorney.

Our firm has received jury verdicts in multiple Texas counties and litigated throughout the US, representing plaintiffs. Jack is a fearless trial advocate committed to finding the best legal solutions for his clients.

Primary Practice Areas

Medical & Hospital Malpractice

When the Defendants in a medical malpractice case in a conservative Texas county offered only $500,000, Jack took the case to trial and won a jury verdict of $4.2 million.

Nursing Home Abuse

All too often our vulnerable seniors are abused in the nursing home. The nursing homes promise 24-hour skilled nursing care. When the nursing home breaks their promise and your loved one develops bedsores, falls, or does not get the medical care they need, all too often residents die. We can help.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Trucking accidents, industrial accidents, and unsafe conditions of all kinds all too often take our loved ones away from us. When you need help and when you need justice we are here to stand with you.

Recent News

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a type of elder abuse. Aging residents are at a high risk for abuse and neglect because they are unable to fully care for themselves. Nursing homes may say they provide 24/7 skilled nursing and treat their residents with respect and decency,...

Texas nursing homes ranked worst in nation

Texas nursing homes ranked worst in nation

  For many families, moving an elderly loved one into a nursing home is an emotionally fraught decision. It’s a choice that can be loaded with regret, guilt and shame — even if it’s the best option to meet a vulnerable senior’s needs. Many facilities ensure...

Texas Ranked Last On 2019 Nursing Home Report Card

Texas Ranked Last On 2019 Nursing Home Report Card

For the third straight report card, nursing home quality in Texas continues to be the worst in the nation, reports Families for Better Care, a national nursing home resident advocacy group based in Austin. The group published its third state-by-state nursing home...

Legislative News

The Texas House, the Texas Senate and Governor Abbott, are about to pass a bill to provide widespread protections to the worst nursing homes in the country. Texas nursing homes.   Instead of passing a bill to protect the most abused nursing home residents, they have chosen to pass a bill to protect these nursing homes, many of which are owned by out-of-state companies.   Now, more than ever, if you believe that a loved one has been harmed or has died in a nursing home because of abuse, you need to call someone who has decades of experience.

Senate Bill 6

Jack Modesett PLLC  went to the Capitol to testify against Senate Bill 6. “The bill gives a pass to bad actors. For example, a nursing home that purposefully understaffed its facility could claim the staffing shortage was caused by the pandemic and dodge liability suits for injuries and deaths of residents”.

“This is a free pass for people who don’t need it,” Modesett said. “We need to protect the elderly.”

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